Thursday, December 9, 2010

You need Dermalogica in your life

Tired of blemished covered skin? Or skin that looks dull and needs some life to it? You need to some Dermalogica skincare in your life! They have some amazing products! Believe me I had tried them all! I have sensitive skin and hormone crazy skin (with pregnancies and nursing) and everything I use either makes me break out more or causes redness and dryness, and my skin has no life to it! Until a wonderful day when I was introduced to Dermalogica. I have never been more satisfied with a skin care line. Everything from cleansers, toners, moisturizers and masks they have it all! It really works too! It does what it says and my skin has never looked better. Well that is until I ran out and am now anxiously awaiting for us to put in our Salon's Dermalogica skin care order. Here are some of my personal favorites..

I also love how I can get my favorites in these cute travel kits to keep my skin in tip top shape even on the go or on vacation!

So if you haven't figured it out already we are putting in an order for Dermalogica products. We know we have many clients who love these products and we still want you to be able to get them through us! If you have never used Dermalogica and have questions on certain products and pricing either leave us a comment or contact us at the Haven. Okay it just keeps getting better, we are offering you 15% off your entire order when you order and pay in advance. Hard to pass up! We have not yet set a date on when we are placing the order but we know we would like to get it in as soon as we can. Let us know if we can help you make your skin beautiful!! 801.379.0540

Here's a link to their site to get more details on products you may be interested in

Dermalogica skincare website

What do you like about Dermalogica? Whats your favorite product?

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Saleem Family said...

My Favorite it the Super Rich Repair moisturizer! Living in Utah and it's harsh winters it takes a toll on my skin. This has taken alligator skin to smooth and moist. A must for anyone over 40!