Sunday, January 30, 2011

Osis hairproducts by Schwarzkopt


Kill Routine with Osis products
Get inspired and reveal the individuality of your unique hair style.

Here's some product information on some of the great Osis hair products the Haven Salon currently offers.

1. Schwarzkopf OSIS Freeze ,a super hold hairspray, it the ultimate gravity defying blast. Designed with a 3 dimensional resin matrix that ensures the protection of the hair and allows for long lasting styling support in all climates. Enhanced with bamboo extract, the anti-oxidant with moisture binding properties which strengthen and fortify the hair. Brushes and shampoos out easily, UV protection, fast drying.

2. OSIS Freeze, Super Hold Pump Spray,super hold non aerosol hairspray is perfect for naturally curly and textured hair. Enhanced with bamboo extract, the anti-oxidant with moisture binding properties to strengthen and fortify the hair. Works on damp or dry hair, UV protection, excellent curl and texture retention.

3. OSIS by Schwarzkopf Grip Super Hold Foam Mousse can get that grip! Full on styling support like you've never known before. Holds for longer. Get your hands on some. For maximum styling support on all hair types. Combined ingredients are especially suitable for coarse and curly hair.

4. Osis Thrill - Fibre gum. Shape, tease or build it up. Gel with a fibre consistency. Great to separation of ends, and funkier styles.

5. Osis Marsh Mellow Thick marshmallow consistency. -Strong, control & separation with dry texture. -Re-moldable, extreme sculpting & style alteration. -Hydro-soluble for easy rinsing. -beeswax, glycerol and emulsifiers for extreme definition and dry texture effect Work well into dry hair then rake, twist, scrunch or pull into shape.

6. Osis Buff Styling cream Ultra light consistency & natural movement & control + soft feel and natural shine. With Aloe Vera. Touch'n tame your contradictive styles on damp or dry hair.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello everyone!!!  I can't believe it has been 5 months since I moved away from my most favorite place ever, Haven Salon.  I'll admit at first the move to Virginia was fun and exciting and it was a nice break from work...but as time went on I found myself really missing my girls at the salon and all my clients and the regulars at Haven.  I missed my monthly hang out with my friends...who happen to pay me money to do their hair:)  But really I think of you all as friends,  and great examples of the kind of mother, friend, sister, business owner and good person I want to be.  I admire so many of you and truly do miss our conversations, laughs and your good advice.  I hope all is well and that you are all happy, healthy and ready to take on the new year.  2011 has gotta be better than 2010, right?  I know it will be!

Here is an update on me and my little family.  We loved it in Virginia and survived the humidity and mosquitoes of summer, and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors.  The changing leaves are amazing.  I can't tell you how the winter is, cause I high tailed it out of there before it got too cold.
Davy was deployed again to Afghanistan last October, so Oliver and I moved back to Utah/Idaho.  Davy is a private intelligent contractor for the government and is helping stop IEDs (improvised explosive device) over there.  IEDs are the number one cause of death to our soldiers in this war.  He is working hard and enduring being away from his family.  He will return in April and we will all move back to Virginia together.  Oliver and I moved back home...yep, living back in my high school room...thanks mom for letting me mooch off of you for a bit.  Right now I'm in Idaho helping my sister with her soon to arrive new baby girl.


Sweet Ollie is keeping me sane while being apart from my husband.  He is so cute and funny.  His smile and laugh is so contagious.  He is huge...he wears 18 month clothes and is only 10 months old.  He looks just like his daddy, and even makes the same faces as Davy.  He has 8 teeth, loves to eat, hates any kind of juice and is obsessed with milk (formula).  I guess he gets that from me since i drank a gallon of milk by myself every 4 DAYS while pregnant with him....what? I like milk okay!  He crawls everywhere and cruises around furniture or anything he can pull himself up on.
I absolutely love being a mom.  I guess having an adorable and pretty chill baby makes loving it easy.  Here are a few pics of him in his first snow experience.  He wasn't too sure about it at first, but once he realized he could eat it, snow became his new best friend.