Sunday, January 30, 2011

Osis hairproducts by Schwarzkopt


Kill Routine with Osis products
Get inspired and reveal the individuality of your unique hair style.

Here's some product information on some of the great Osis hair products the Haven Salon currently offers.

1. Schwarzkopf OSIS Freeze ,a super hold hairspray, it the ultimate gravity defying blast. Designed with a 3 dimensional resin matrix that ensures the protection of the hair and allows for long lasting styling support in all climates. Enhanced with bamboo extract, the anti-oxidant with moisture binding properties which strengthen and fortify the hair. Brushes and shampoos out easily, UV protection, fast drying.

2. OSIS Freeze, Super Hold Pump Spray,super hold non aerosol hairspray is perfect for naturally curly and textured hair. Enhanced with bamboo extract, the anti-oxidant with moisture binding properties to strengthen and fortify the hair. Works on damp or dry hair, UV protection, excellent curl and texture retention.

3. OSIS by Schwarzkopf Grip Super Hold Foam Mousse can get that grip! Full on styling support like you've never known before. Holds for longer. Get your hands on some. For maximum styling support on all hair types. Combined ingredients are especially suitable for coarse and curly hair.

4. Osis Thrill - Fibre gum. Shape, tease or build it up. Gel with a fibre consistency. Great to separation of ends, and funkier styles.

5. Osis Marsh Mellow Thick marshmallow consistency. -Strong, control & separation with dry texture. -Re-moldable, extreme sculpting & style alteration. -Hydro-soluble for easy rinsing. -beeswax, glycerol and emulsifiers for extreme definition and dry texture effect Work well into dry hair then rake, twist, scrunch or pull into shape.

6. Osis Buff Styling cream Ultra light consistency & natural movement & control + soft feel and natural shine. With Aloe Vera. Touch'n tame your contradictive styles on damp or dry hair.

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