Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Argan Oil...Liquid Gold

I read a very informative article in the May issue of DERMASCOPE magazine. It gave some great facts about Argan Oil. Argan oil (it's the awesome oil in many of our professional products we sell at The Haven.) Mainly in our Morracan Oil haircare line. Us stylist are always telling our clients how awesome this amazing argan oil is because we have seen the results and many of us use it on ourselves and on almost all our clients daily. For those are you who like a little more detail I thought I would share some great facts. 

In the South- Western parts of Morocco, argan oil is extracted from nuts of argan trees. Often times referred to as "liquid gold". The process used to extract the precious oil from the argan trees is a manual and laborious process that has become a tradition among the local Berber woman. The production of argan oil allows these women to gain social benefits in a country where equal rights are not yet fully established; affording them a sustainable livelihood and an opportunity to earn fair wages. The process to extract the oil as mentioned before is laborious. The initial stage of this process is the actual removal of the nut from the fruit. Next, the shell of each nut is forcibly opened to obtain the kernel. Once all the kernels are collected they are roasted over mild heat. Then the roasted kernels are left to cool, ground in a quern made out of stone, and then blended with water into dough.

- Argan Tree -

- Argan fruit has a green fleshy exterior like an olive, but larger and rounder. Inside, there is a nut with an extremely hard shell, which in turn contains one, two or even three almond shaped kernels. -

- It is said that producing one liter of oil takes about 20 hours worth of work - 
(no wonder this oil doesn't come cheap)

In regards to our personal health and beauty, argan oil is outstanding choice. There are two types of argan oil. one used for cosmetic purposes and one for culinary purposes. Beyond its nutritional benefits, argan oil has many beautifying effects. As a cosmetic medium, the oil is magnificent for hair, skin and nails. In addition argan oil is a rich source of Vitamin E (a strong antioxidant) making it a great way to combat the again process. Argan oil has the ability to lock in moisture. This is great of skin and hair. Locks in moisture in the hair and eliminates frizz. Argan oil helps decrease blowdrying time. Helps hair look and feel so shiny and smooth. Is a great thermal protectant. So great of our dry Utah weather. Great on skin for after waxing or shaving. The list could go on and on. Argan oil provides unparalleled results making it worth of it's informal title...."Liquid Gold".

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pictures from our Bazaar

Here's some pictures from our Bazaar we held last weekend. If your sad because you missed out, or loved some things you purchased, check back because we will be doing more!
Thank you to everyone who came and supported the Haven. Also thank you venders for participating!
The family we donated 20% of the proceeds too was very appreciative!

(Aunti Annes rag quites, blanket, burp-clothes and wipe cases)

(Katies jewelry, and baby fabric flower headbands)

(Green apple boutique, fabric flower headbands,clips, earrings and rings)

(Gillian's hair blow holders, wreaths, custom onsies and shirts, purses, headbands and much more)

(Amberie Stella and Dot jewelry)

(Gourmet Cookbooks)

(European skincare)

(Vintage Expressions, cards, reusable composition notebook covers, bookmarks and more)

(Custom leather cases)

(Sabrina's leather and fine bead braclets)

(Sharlisha Bird professional photography)

(Endeemade beanies, bow headbands, toy rattles and jewelry)

(Paislee in Pink little girl dresses)

(Dandelion Dream magnets, purses, button braclets, cards and much more)

(This and That cake professional baked goods)

Also some of these items such as cards, all types of jewelry and hair accessories are for sale at Haven all the time so come in and check it out! If you would like further info on any of our venders contact information or have any questions contact us at the Salon. 801.379.0540

Monday, May 2, 2011

We're Hiring!!

Are you great with people?
Do you have awesome esthetician or hairstyling skills?
Would you love to work at a super cute salon with other talented ladies?
Work at a place that offers incentives to help get you started?
If so come stop by and drop off a resume to Suzanne!

359 W. 100 S. Provo

May Product Specials

 May is here and dare I say we finally have some decent weather? So to celebrate we are continuing our Bazaar product specials throughtout the whole month. If you are in need of Shampoo and Conditioner and Styling Products now's the time to stock up!

When you buy any Conditioner you get the Shampoo for HALF OFF!

Also when you buy any styling products get a second styling product (of equal or lesser value) HALF OFF!

If you need help choosing an awesome shampoo/conditioner or advice on what styling products would be best for your hair type. Come in, make an appointment with any of our talented Stylist and they will be able to share their expert advice!