Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Hair Product Sale

All of our Salon Products lines are on Sale now until December 18th!
Take 15% off everything!
Now's the time to pick up a gift for yourself or a loved one just in time for Christmas.
We have everything from awesome Shampoos and Conditioners to styling products and finishing sprays.
We even have some stocking stuffers left.

Here's my products must haves:
(I use almost all of these everyday)

1. Enjoy Luxury Shampoo (love the creaminess, lather and smell)
2. Enjoy Luxury Conditioner (love the thickness and how much is smooths my hair)
3. Swartzkoft Dust it "which I've renamed hair crack" (gives root lift, hold, dirty's up the hair without it looking dirty helps keep the funk in your style, you try and you will be addicted!)
4. Swartzkoft Osis Freeze Hairspray (Hands down one of my favorite hair sprays I've ever used)
5. Moroccan Oil Hydrating Cream (helps with adding moisture to dry hair, wonderful protectant from thermal styling)
6. Enjoy Creamy Pomade (nice to smooth out fly-a-ways, helps with separation and piece-iness on the ends
7. Moroccan Oil (smooths hair, hydrates, helps dry hair faster, smooth cuticle, locks in color one word AMAZING)
8. Enjoy Conditioning Spray (locks in hair color, nice leave in conditioner, you can spray on dry skin as well, smells wonderful, makes hair sooo soft)
9. Enjoy Shaping Lotion (one of Suzanne's picks, she uses it to give more body to hair, helps with control and helps hold curl, its not to heavy it wont weigh down fine hair)

We have numbers 1, 2 and 4 in stocking stuffers.

Don't miss out Sale end December 18th!!

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