Thursday, October 21, 2010

Moroccan Oil products

MoroccanOil has quickly become one of the best-selling hair care lines in the world. It's been featured on Kathy Lee & Hoda, and is one of InStyle Magazine's 2010 Best Beauty Buys. They offer amazing products that do what they claim. They also smell fabulous which we all know is very important. If you are not using their products you are seriously missing out. 

Haven Salon currently carries 3 different products from the Morracan Oil product line. 

The original Moroccan oil treatment:

- revives hair
- strengthens and conditions
- reduces drying time
- eliminates frizz helps with those fly- aways
- very lightweight will not weigh down even thin or fine hair
- smells wonderful
- adds shine

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Cream:

- hydrates hair
- provides soft hold
- facilitates movement
- smooths hair
- adds must needed hydrating to hair that is colored treated
- also smells fabulous

Moroccan oil  intense curl cream:

-leave in conditioner
-defines curls
-eliminates frizz
-nice and creamy makes hair have those soft curls not crunchy

All Moroccan Oil products just like other professional haircare products are super condensed! A little products goes a long way! 

For more informations on Moroccan Oil there's a link I provided below there are probably 20 or more articles about Morocaan oil products featured in tons of different major magazines. Check it out.


davyandhillary said...

Let me tell you how much I love morocaan oil products..... the oil was my intro product to the line....i was addicted the first time i used it!! The things i noticed most about the oil was: the smell, how soft my hair felt and that my color lasted so much longer. Granted i still got regrowth, that's the nature of the beast when you color your hair, but it didn't fade at all!! my ends were the same color, i didn't have to refresh them (color the ends)the next time I colored my roots.
The one thing that i didn't like about the oil was when i styled my hair with it's natural curl/wavy it was almost to soft that it didn't curl up as much. SO i just didn't use it when i would wear my hair curly. BUT THAT'S WHEN THEY CAME OUT WITH THE CURLING CREAM!!! and i was now addicted to that as well. I used to use Pureology's Curl Cream or a lite mouse. Those products are no longer living in my bathroom cabinet. The Morocaan Oil Curl Cream didn't weigh down my hair, smelled amazing (husband would always comment how good i smelled when i used it) and i didn't have to use as much because it is SO CONCENTRATED! If you are in to the BOHO Curls or Beachy Wavy you have got to try this will not be disappointed, I promise.
NOw i promise to end this novel.
Miss you all over at the Haven!!

Steph said...

thanks for sharing this woman! I agree they have some awesomely addictive products because they actually work! We miss you too! Can't wait to see you soon!