Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Before and After Pictures from the Keratin Treatment

Suzanne's client Jan has loved having her hair less frizzy. It's been easier for her to style on her own with more smoothness and shine. Instead of spending hours round brushing and flat ironing she can style it much faster. Here's the before:

and the afters: 

Here is a picture from 2 weeks after I believe this is just letting it air dry:

Steph's client Cindy has loved her treatment as well. She's said she has never had her hair that soft in her life. Her hair is naturally very curly and since the treatment its been less frizzy, so much softer and straighter. She's been having fun wearing it straight without having to spend hours flat ironing.

The before:

The after:

Don't the after pictures just put a smile on your face?? All stylist are still offering your first Keratin treatment for $55. So call and book yours today! 801.379.0540 For more info on the benefits and commonly asked questions on the Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment scroll down a few posts.


Amanda said...

Holy hot mama!! I am loving Cindy's straight hair look!

davyandhillary said...

SO i have brought the Brazilian Straightening treatment to Virginia and have tried it on a few out here. Everyone is in love with it!! It even stands true in the crazy humidity!!
The girls I have tried it on compare it to other life changing items, such as; flat irons, cell phones and the internet!!! They were amazed that their hair for the FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIFE, there hair was soft and not frizzy!! Can you imagine, letting your hair air dry and not have it look like Hagrid from Harry Potter?! I challenge you to try it at least once to see the difference. Can you imagine your life without your cell phone or the amazing world wide web? Yep, that's what you are missing out on if you don't try this treatment.

Steph said...

I so agree the clients I have tried it will never go back! I was actually amazed at how at their next appt their hair was still amazing soft and healthy! Suzanne is gonna do it to my hair tomorrow!!!