Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Deep Conditioning

Winter time can put a toll on your hair. The dry, cold air just sucks the moisture right out of your hair & makes it look/feel dry, frizzy & brintle. Using styling tools as well as wearing hats & scarfs don't help either. The best way to replenish lost moisture is to do a weekly deep conditioning treatment!

Each strand of hair has 3 layers; deep conditioning affects the outer layer called the cuticle. The cuticle resembles shingles on a roof, overlaping each other & laying down flat. When hair becomes dry & damaged, the shingles will stand up. That gives the hair a dull, frizzy look.

Deep conditioning the proper way & using the right products will help smooth out the cuticle, making the shingles lay down. This gives your hair a smoother, shinier, healthier appearance!

Note: deep conditions cannot heal damaged hair or improve the quality of new hair; it is not a cure. It can minimize any damage done, restore shine, add strength to hair until the damages hair grows long enough to be cut off, & even makes hair manageable. The only TRUE way to cure damaged hair it to cut it off.
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