Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waxing information from Sarah!

waxing leaves your skin silky smooth for weeks! Never Shave, tweeze, buzz anything again! Waxing reduces ingrown hairs & eliminates razor bumps! When you wax, your hair grows back less dense, leaving hair finer & softer!
25% OFF ANY Area! It's getting warmer! Time to wax! :)

Girl's Favorites:

Guy's Favorites:
*Back of the neck


Should I shave my hair before waxing?
No, the hair growth needs to be about 1/4" long for body hair and about 1/8" for eyebrows and hair on the ears. The wax has to have something to hold onto in order for it to be uprooted.
When will the hair re-appear?
That depends on every individual person, but with the majority of people it will take about 6-10 weeks for all of the hair you have waxed to reappear. All of it does not grow back at the same rate.
Is it true that the hair will grow back thicker after waxing?
No. Actually, if you continue to wax with regularity, it will eventually slow down the hair growth!

Are there any medical conditions/situations when I should not get waxing services?
Everyone's level of sensitivity varies. If you think that you might be sensitive, then let me know and we can do a patch test. If you are on certain medications for acne, or use certain steroids, you might be more prone to sensitivity. It also depends on what is getting waxed. Someone who uses a topical acne prescription might not want to get their facial waxing done, but anywhere else should be fine!

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