Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time for another GIVEAWAY!!!

Stephanie is giving away a Completely FREE  HAIRCUT!!
($38 dollar value for Womens cut & $23 for Mens)

Here's how to enter it's simple.
All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post.
Saying your name and why you want to win the haircut!
That's it!
All names who leave comments will be entered into the drawing.
You can also be entered in a Second time by sharing this blog post by link as your Facebook Status! Just let me know you did so when you leave your comment. (Just click the Facebook button at the end of the post and follow directions)

This Giveaway is for everyone current and new clients.
Drawing will take place one week from today. 
Winner will be announced on this Blog Thursday February 17th.

Don't forget to tell your friends!!
Thanks, Steph

Also while your here become a follower on our blog if you aren't already! Click the followers link on the side for instructions!


Grammy Cindy said...

Cindy Barlow
Because you are the best at Hair cutting!!

NatalieRees said...

I've heard nothing but rave reviews of your haircuts...and from Hillary, which is saying a lot!
I would love to see your work for myself!

Petersons said...

Kira Peterson
Because it would be nice to have bomb haircut before my baby is born!

Heather Curtis said...

Heather Curtis
I would love a haircut because I am still trying to get rid of the post-baby body and need a drop dead haircut to make it so people ignore that fact :) And really just because i love haircuts.

Kyle-Ashlee said...

I need the haircut to fix the crappy one I have when I made the mistake of not going to stephanie.

Camilla Marie Dinkins said...
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Camilla Marie Dinkins said...

I don't need a haircut for another month or two, but if I can wait til then, I'd love to have a free one! Then I can get my haircut again before I get school money in August. And Stephanie is the best there is. I would never get my hair cut by anyone else unless I had no choice.

Camilla Marie Dinkins said...

and I attempted to post the link as my facebook status, so I can be entered again, but I am not sure if I did it right.

Alissa said...

I would love a new hair cut because I need a new hairstyle and because I also really love getting my hair done too!

Laura McDonald said...

Laura McDonald
Steph is simply the best!Plus, I'm ruined. I can't go to any other hairstylist now.

Heatherlynn said...

Hadar Peterson
Because Steph is freaking amazing and my hair wants to be freaking amazing too :)

Brianne said...

I need a haircut because we are buying our first home and now have no money:) Also, I will be linking this to facebook.