Friday, August 20, 2010

A little about Enjoy Shampoos and Conditioners

All Enjoy Shampoos and Conditioners are Sulfate-Free

There are many benefits for using a sulfate free shampoo.
It gives the hair strength, smoothness, shine, frizz control and volume with incredible manageability. Gently eliminates build-up without stripping color with Cleanse Sensor technology. Color Safe for all hair types
(ph 4.5-5.5)

There are 3 types of Shampoo and Conditioner

Enjoy's luxury

Enjoys's Hydrating

Enjoy's Rejuvenating Volumizing

Besides all the great benefits to using the Shampoo listed above another great reason to use Enjoy Shampoos it the smell. They all have a fun fresh fruity smell. That is just enough but not too much that will make you feel like you dumped a bottle of perfume on your head. (:

As many of you know Professional haircare products are generally more costly than your store brand stuff. But once your try Professional products rarely will you turn back. They are much more condensed and not watered down, which means you use less and it lasts longer. Your hair is in better condition and will love you for it! It's great using a shampoo that doesn't cause products buildup and flakiness. So if your ready to stock up on great shampoo or are ready to throw out your old stuff, come into the Salon and purchase some Enjoy Products. We only have a few more of the 10 oz duos of the Luxury on Sale right now for 38- Can I just say how much I love this stuff its wonderful. So creamy and thick like butter it does wonders to hair and is the more condensed shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried. The conditioner can untangle the most damaged and dry of hair.
Also all of our Enjoy line is 10 percent off this month.

Check back soon for some product reviews on Enjoy's styling products!

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